The Signalmatic Inc. VS-II Vehicle Simulator allows your motorcycle to be recognized at a traffic light where vehicle mass detection (VMD) is used to adjust traffic flow. {INDUCTIVE LOOP SYSTEMS}

Motorcyclists have a tough time in city traffic and will have to at times run red lights to get where they are going. Some police understand and will let you go with a warning and not ticket you. Running a red light should never be an option! Now, it doesn’t have to be.

With our VS-II attached to your motorcycles brake light system and pointed at the ground you simply brake at the stop light and the VS-II is activated sending a magnetic pulse to the ground loop VMD embedded in the street which lets the traffic light know there is a motorcycle waiting to go on green.


  1. The Signalmatic VS-II is the best thing i have ever bought for my motorcycle.
    I just can not believe that every signal light i come up on i can now change the light to green. I live in the quad city area and I didn’t realize i could fix the problem. All these years of riding i thought all the signal lights worked on weight.
    Thank you for the great much needed product.

  2. Good day…my motorcycle mechanic installed the signal-matic in July and I’m really impressed with how it works , no more waiting for a car to pull up to trigger the light awesome invention..
    So glad I met you all in Kansas..

  3. Thanks

  4. I got the signal- Matic. In July at wing ding it was very easy to install on my 2018 Goldwing tour dct with brake modular installed. I haven’t had to run a red light since I installed this product I highly recommended it and would by it again if need be

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